Xi’an Jiaotong University editors included in list of ‘highly cited’ researchers

2022-04-18  []


Elsevier, a leading publishing company in information and analytics for customers across the global research and health ecosystems, announced on April 14 the list of "Highly Cited Chinese Researchers" for 2021.       


Around100 of them were from journals sponsored by Xi'an Jiaotong University.    


The researchers, including Tao Wenquan, Xu Zongben, He Yaling, Guo Liejin, Bie Zhaohong, are engaged in 10fields including energy, machinery, mechanics, mathematics, medicine, sociology, economics, and management, with the number of selected editorial board members hitting a record high.    


They work as members of editorial boards at journals include Energy Storage and Saving (ENSS), Journal of Advanced Dielectrics(JAD), Journal of Pharmaceutical AnalysisJPA), Data Science and Management, (DSM), and International Journal of Advanced Nuclear Reactor Design and Technology (JANDT).