XJTU Professor Hoffmann: China is attractive to innovative talents

2021-07-05  []


Dieter Hoffmann, a German professor at Xi'an Jiaotong University (XJTU)


Invited by STF Monthly, a Chinese journal in technology and finance, Dieter Hoffmann, a German professor at Xi'an Jiaotong University (XJTU), shared his stories of China and his opinions on teaching and basic research.


He didn't hesitate to express his appreciation for China, believing that China has achieved great results in promoting international scientific and technological cooperation and supporting research personnel. He commented that China has become an "ideal place for innovative talents to pursue their careers."


Based on his many years of teaching experience, he also provided suggestions for teachers to better train and discover talents, as well as way in which universities can better improve the scientific research management system.


Hoffmann is mainly engaged in high-energy density plasma physics, strong ion beam and laser radiation interaction with matter, inertial confinement fusion physics and dark matter research.


He was the Chairman of the Plasma Physics Branch of the German Society of Physics, a member of the Scientific Committee of the HeavyIon Research Center of the Helmholtz Association, and the leader of the Plasma Physics research group.


Since 2008, Hoffmann has established and maintained close cooperation with a number of Chinese research institutions. He has carried out several experiments with Chinese scholars on the large scientific device of China's heavy ion accelerator, and has achieved innovations and breakthroughs in basic scientific research.


In 2017, Hoffmann joined XJTU as a distinguished full-time professor and won the Chinese Government Friendship Award for his contributions to promoting Sino-foreign exchanges and cooperation in 2019.


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