Over 60 industry-university cooperation projects approved by Ministry of Education in 2020

2021-03-11  []


The Ministry of Education of China has announced the list of 2020 industry-university cooperation and collaborative education projects. A total of 63 Xi'an Jiaotong University projects were selected into the program, ranking first among C9 universities and sixth across China in terms of the number of approved projects.


The 63 projects have received support from 46 well-known domestic and foreign companies, including Huawei, Alibaba Cloud, Baidu Online, Kingdee, Shaanxi Automobile, and Seentao Technology.  


The projects are focused on the development of engineering courses, the reform of teaching content and curricula, innovation and entrepreneurship education, teacher training, and the construction of practice bases.  


A total of 9,553 projects from 993 colleges and universities were selected into the Industry-University Cooperation and CollaborativeEducation Project of Ministry of Education last year.  


As a new type of talent training project launched by the Ministry of Education of China and well-known domestic and foreign companies, the project explores new models of university-enterprise cooperation and innovative teaching reforms.