XJTU students make fruitful achievements in mathematical contest in modeling

2018-06-06  []



XJTU students’ achievements during the Mathematical Contest in Modeling broke the high record of the university by obtaining 2 awards for Outstanding Winner, 1 award for the Outstanding Winner Nomination, 18 first awards, and 39 second awards. The team led by Professor Li Huanqin, with Liu Tianhao, Zheng Mengchu and ZhuQ itian as the team members, ranked on the top-four list among all competing teams. In addition, the team won two single awards, namely the Rachel Carson Awardand the COMAP Scholarship Award”. The team of XJTU is the only team to have won both awards in one time in China. Under the guidance of Professor Zhang Fang, another XJTU team with Hu Running, Yan Shengkuan and Zhou Minghao as its member, won the Outstanding Winner award and the ASA Data Insights Award.


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