Zheng Nanning and Xu Zongben elected to be CAAI fellows

2018-01-31  []


Recently, the Chinese Association for Artificial Intelligence (CAAI), the only national association in the field of artificial intelligence in China, announced their first group of CAAI Fellows on their official website, representing an honor given to individual CAAI members who have made exceptional scientific contributions and who have gained prominencein their respective fields of artificial intelligence. Academicians Zheng Nanning and Xu Zongben of XJTU and other 5 XJTU alumni including Cai Zixing, Jiao Licheng, Li Bohu, Tan Tieniu, Wang Guoyin are on the list.


               Zheng Nanning            

               Xu Zongben            

               Cai Zixing            

               Jiao Licheng            

               Li Bohu            

Tan Tieniu

Wang Guoyin