XJTU unveiled the Western China Institute for Quality Science and Technology

2015-07-25  []

On July 25, General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the People’s Republic of China, Shaanxi Provincial Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, and XJTU officially instituted the Western China Institute for Quality Science and Technology. The institute vows to study issues on quality science and technology, supervise quality control, and educate talented professionals. The creation of the institute is the first of its kind in Shaanxi and even the entire western China to explore political, industrial, academic, research and practical studies.


The institute aligns itself with the ‘one belt and one road’ initiatives as well as the strategy to strengthen the country through quality. It is also oriented toward western China and the globe to serve the country’s development as the base and center of scientific research, technical service and talent education, which will be an important part of the country’s quality growth campaign.



In the future, the institute sets out to accommodate the national strategy, industrial growth and technological progress etc, concentrate on advantageous industries in western China, e.g., high-end equipment, energy and power, aviation and aerospace, and chemical equipment etc, engage basic quality areas in measurement, standardization, certification, inspection and testing, and conduct quality science and technology studies, quality diagnosis and counseling and social service, and professional education and training etc.


Meanwhile, in alignment with the ‘one belt and one road’ initiatives, the institute will work closely with the related enterprises by catering to their demands and enhancing their profitability through quality growth. The institute will also contribute to the regional development and national strategy by building the Western China Science and Technology Innovation Harbor and the Silk Road Quality Academic Belt, thanks to the University Alliance of the New Silk Road (UANSR) initiated by XJTU in May 2015, to promote academic exchanges in this regard.