Students of XJTU Won “Outstanding Winner” of International College Students Mathematical Contest in Modeling

2015-04-13  []

According to latest news from the website of Mathematical Contest in Modeling, students of XJTU won 2 “Outstanding Winner”, 5 first prizes, 14 second prizes. Besides, one of teams was granted “Leonhard Euler Award”, which is the highest honor that has been granted to teams from China.

The competition attracted 9773 teams from 18 countries and the total number of participating students is 29319. There were 19“Outstanding Winner”, among which 10 of them were won by Chinese teams. Tsinghua University and XJTU got 2 respectively.

Organized by The Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences, Society for Industry and Applied Mathematics, an American Mathematical Society, College Students Mathematical Contest in Modeling include Mathematical Contest in Modeling and Interdisciplinary Contest in Modeling. The theme is from practical problem in reality and research. There are no standardized answers and in order to answer the questions, students need to use mathematical methods, computer techniques, and other relevant knowledge. Besides, team spirit, innovation are also needed. Therefore the competition is very attractive.

The lists of prize-winners:

Zhao Lingxiao, Gao Mingxiang, Yi Wenting (also Leonhard Euler Award winners).

Mu Zheyu, Yang Linze, Jiang Boxin.

The website of winning announcement and competition theme of College Students Mathematical Contest: