Sharing Overseas Study Experience and Promoting Student Exchange Programs

2015-03-18  []

In theafternoon on March 17, XJTU student exchange programs presentation andexperience sharing meeting was held in Conference Room 101 of the Science Hall. All seats wereoccupied by more than 400 students attending spontaneously, who listened to thepresentation or shared overseas study experiences.

Tofurther promote internationalization process and implement globalizationstrategy of XJTU, the Department of International Cooperation and Exchange heldthis presentation meeting for the second time. During this meeting, ninestudents who had taken part in these programs shared their abroad study andlife experiences, so as to giveother students a better understanding of the whole process of application,exchange and study.


In recentyears, XJTU has carried out suchsubstantial collaborations as double degree, joint training and cooperativeresearch with 135 world-class universities including Harvard University,University of Cambridge, Universityof California, Berkeley, MIT, Stanford University, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, MilanPolytechnic University. In 2014, arecord high of 1,189 students went abroad (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan).This year, from January to the end of February, XJTU launched a program called “XJTUStudents Visiting World-class Universities”, in which nearly 200 top studentswere selected for a short-term study in University of Cambridge in UK, ColumbiaUniversity in USA, University of Sydney in Australia, Waseda University inJapan and other world topuniversities. Through this program, the width and depth of international cooperation in personnel trainingwas promoted significantly.