President of Kettering University Visited XJTU, Deepening Substantial Cooperation

2014-12-10  []

On December 9, President Robert. K. McMahan of Kettering University and Senior Vice-president of Academic Affairs and Provost James Z. Zhang visited XJTU. President Wang Shuguo met with them.

President Wang extended warm welcome to Robert. K. McMahan and his team. He said that earlier the two universities had laid a sound foundation for cooperation in the field of material research and that in future the two universities should enhance cooperation in terms of exchanges of teachers and students and students’ cultivation, and we should widen the domain of joint research. He added that the Chinese government has always attached great importance to reforming higher education. XJTU, as a first-class university in the western region of China, would like to reinforce substantial cooperation with other world-class universities. XJTU encourages students to take part in international joint training projects, which could broaden their horizons and help them gain a better understanding of differences between Chinese and Western culture, which in turn could serve as a bridge of learning and communication. Meanwhile, he also pointed out that the relationship between China and America is still the most significant bilateral relationship in the world today and that XJTU would follow the general strategy and requirements which were proposed by President Xi Jinping about the construction of Silk Road Economic Belt, and strengthen cooperation in the area.

President McMahan introduced the distinctive student training model which factors in course learning and industrial internship, the number of international students, preponderant disciplines and industrial partners of Kettering University. He pointed out that Kettering University and XJTU were highly complementary with regard to international strategy and discipline orientation. Additionally, the two universities have sound foundations for cooperation. He went on to say that young people represent the future and exchanges of visit between young teachers and students of the two universities should be enhanced.

After the meeting, President McMahan, Senior Vice-president of Academic Affairs and Provost James Z. Zhang met with Vice president Xi Guang. Both parties exchanged views on issues such as how to strengthen and reform the cultivation of undergraduates, curriculum provision and industrial internships.

Founded in 1919, the private Kettering University grew out of the former General Motors Institute, and has always had close historical links to the development of the American automobile industry. It offers Bachelor Degree of Science in disciplines such as applied mathematics, applied physics, biochemistry, chemical engineering, chemistry, computer engineering, electronic engineering, engineering physics, industrial engineering and mechanical engineering, etc. It also offers a Bachelor Degree of Business Administration. Additionally, Kettering University offers master degrees, which include a Master of Business Administration (MBA), a Master of Information Technology, a Master of Manufacturing Management, a Master of Operation and Management, a Master of Manufacturing Operation, a Master of Engineering Management, a Master of Engineering, and a Dual Degree of MBA and Master of Manufacturing Operation. US News & World Report lists Kettering University as the best engineering educational institution for undergraduates which offers no Doctorate degree in America.