President Xi Jinping meets with the Chang'e-5 lunar mission representatives, including XJTU professor Wang Fei

2021-02-24  []



On the morning of February 22, 2021, Chinese President Xi Jinping met representative space scientists and engineers who contributed to the Chang'e-5 lunar mission at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing and visited an exhibition on China's lunar exploration achievements and the lunar samples brought back by the Chang'e-5 probe. President Xi highly commended the achievements made in China's lunar exploration project, especially the Chang'e-5 lunar mission.



(Prof. Wang Fei, left first, top-down second row)



China's lunar exploration project (Chang’e Program) was launched in 2004 and culminated with great success after16 years of arduous efforts by numerous space scientists and engineers from hundreds of institutes. Scientists and researchers from XJTU played a significant role in this great endeavor. The visual information processing system for surface sampling on the moon, which is crucial for autonomoussampling missions, was developed by the space vision team of the National Engineering Laboratory for Visual Information Processing and Application (VIPA) of XJTU, with Prof. Wang Fei in charge and under the guidance of Academician Zheng Nanning from the College of Artificial Intelligence of XJTU. Prof. Wang Fei, from the Institute of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics (College of Artificial Intelligence, Faculty of Electronic and Information Engineering), XJTU, attended this event as one of the representatives.