2020 Series Events of University Alliance of the Silk Road hold

2020-12-22  []



Recently, the 2020 UASR Series Events were held online. The Secretariat of UASR, XJTU, Politecnico di Milano, Nazarbayev University, Hong Kong Polytechnic University,a nd several domestic and foreign universities and sub-alliances planned and organized the activities, including the President's Forum, the Standing Council meeting, sub-forums, sub-alliance-directed lectures, and student competitions.The series events were open to all UASR member universities, and more than 100 experts and scholars from all over the world participated.  


XJTU and the Politecnico di Milano jointly organized the 6th UASR President's Forum. More than 100 representatives from 26 member universities attended. About 30 representatives from 15 UASR executive member universities participated in the sixth USAR Executive Council Meeting organized by XJTU and Politecnico di Milano.


The UASR takes the initiative to adapt to new changes and challenges brought by the epidemic. It takes full advantage of the organizational platform to organize activities to promote talent training, scientific research, and humanistic exchange.