The 7th XJTU International Culture Festival held

2019-10-30  []


On the afternoon of October 25, 2019, the opening ceremony of the 7th XJTU International Culture Festival was held at iHarbour. This year’s festival was organized by XJTU’s School of International Education, taking “Sail to the Brighter World from iHarbour” as its theme.



Since 2008, the annual XJTU International Culture Festival has left an indelible mark on XJTU’s drive to be an international university, illustrating the openness of its campus culture. As one of the typical activities displaying the university’s achievements in the internationalization process, this year’s culture festival was held at iHarbour, aiming to encourage teachers and students to maintain broad viewpoints and insist in dream pursuing.


The festival’s schedule shows that following activities such as a Chinese Language Speech Contest, football match, Chinese Story Telling Session, and Han Chinese Clothing and Han Etiquette Experience Session will be held in November.