Professor Mark D. Levine of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory visited XJTU

2019-01-14  []



On the morning of October 30, 2018, professor Mark D. Levine from the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory visited XJTU. Professor Levine works as a scientist of the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, professor of the University of California-Berkeley, seniorconsultant, strategic consultant and senior scientist of the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), and co-founder and senior consultant of the China Energy Group. XJTU president Wang Shuguo met him and his delegation in Room 107 of the Science Hall. President Wang Shuguo welcomed professor Levine and pointed out that Xi’an is a city with huge space and great potential for development in the progress of the construction of national center city. In recent years, the government has paid close attention to environmental and energy issues, XJTU has also actively undertaken its social responsibility and supported national strategies by accelerating the construction of the Innovation Harbour as well as a scientific research platform and professional team, so as to meet energy and environmental challenges. He also expressed his expectation that Professor Levine could jointly work with XJTU in the energy area for more achievements.



Professor Levine is making an academic report


Professor Levine introduced his China Energy Group project and emphasized that through the project, he has carried out substantial cooperation on different projects with many institutions in China, all of which have achieved good results. The China Energy Group aims at making positive contributions to China on energy conservation and emission reduction by establishing application and industrys tandards and policy formulation. He believes that China has a huge market for green energy and is ready for integrating existing research platforms and resources for demand. He hopes that both he and XJTU will take this opportunity to carry out substantive cooperation in the energy field and serve China's economic development.