President of International Technological University visits XJTU

2019-01-08  []


On the morning of November 12, 2018, Gregory O'Brien, president of International Technological University (ITU) in the United States, and his delegation, visited Xi'an Jiaotong University. XJTU president Wang Shuguo met with the guests in Conference Room 107 of the Science Hall. Both parties exchanged their views on substantive cooperation under the UASR framework. President Wang Shuguo greeted President O'Brien and his delegation, pointing out that the UASR, in line with the principles of openness and inclusiveness, encourages and actively attracts universities from all over the world to participate in the process of globalization, building mutual trust, enhancing friendship and learning from each other. President O'Brien expressed that the ITU attaches importance to university-enterprise cooperation and actively promotes curriculum reform so as to meet the requirements of technological and industrial development. In the future, ITU will also actively build a new type of joint research center with XJTU to promote government-enterprise cooperation, talent training and jointscientific research.