President of Polytech Nice Sophia visits XJTU

2018-11-29  []


On the afternoon of October 15, 2018, Alexandre CAMINADA, president of Polytech Nice Sophia and his delegation visited XJTU. XJTU president Wang Shuguo met with them in Room 201 of the XJTU Science Hall, discussing prospects and patterns of cooperation between the two universities.


President Alexandre CAMINADA expressed that he is optimistically confident in establishing various international exchanges and cooperation between the two universities. Hopefully, interscholastic exchange will be bi-directionally promoted, enabling teachers and students from both universities to learn from each other in order to improve both teaching quality and learning ability as well as the international perspective of teachers and students. President Wang Shuguo expressed his expectation for the cooperation. He pointed out that further cooperation between both parties would provide a better platform for teacher cooperation and student exchange. The hope was expressed that, based on the existing cooperation with the School of Mechanical Engineering of XJTU, both parties would strengthen and expand cooperation in various fields.