XJTU Behavioral Big Data Research Team appears on CCTU show “AI v.s. Humans”

2018-11-16  []



In recent years, professor Zhao Xi and his team from the School of Management of XJTU have carried out intensive research on big data behavioral analysis and decision support. Since 2006, the team has established a university-government-enterprise project group with the Xi’an Public Security Bureau and JiuSuo Data Inc., achieving a series of results on massive individual behavior analysis and prediction in urban areas. In 2018, the team was invited by CCTV program “AI v.s. Humans” to predict dietary behaviors of college students. After an emotionally stressful performance, the team successfully predicted the actual number of students attending the university canteen on the day of a graduation ceremony based on innovative behavior theory models and precise AI algorithms. The XJTU team perfectly fulfilled thisseemingly impossible mission, and was added to the list of 2018 China“Intelligent Pioneers”.