XJTU Holds Sino-Russia Academic Exchange Week

2018-11-02  []


From September 10-15, 2018, XJTU held the Sino-Russia Academic Exchange Week. Seven experts from 6 Russian institutions for higher learning, including the Lomonosov Moscow State University, the Institute of Electrophysics RAS, the Joint Institute of High Temperature RAS, the Voronezh State University, the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (State University), and the Sobolev Math Institute, visited XJTU for academic exchange and cooperation. The topics covered aerospace, high voltage technique, electronics, law and other disciplines.


A “Tea Time” free communication mode was firstly adopted in series activities of this communication week, providing a free atmosphere and a platform for experts, teachers and students of different disciplines to participate in the cross-disciplinary exchange, and scientific achievements and academic ideas sharing. At the meantime, free talk session was open to teachers and students who were interested in and willing to communicate with experts, which expanded the range for exchange and created a “global campus” atmosphere.