XJTU promoted internationalization for talent training

2018-03-23  []



From October 24th to October 31st, 2017, an XJTU delegation under the leadership of vice president Zheng Qinghua, visited Carnegie Mellon University in the US, the University of Manchester in the UK, and Leiden University in the Netherlands. During this visit, XJTU carried out in-depth exchange and discussed about the agreements on talent cultivation and exchange programs with these universities. The XJTU delegation also visited the management departments, colleges and laboratories of these universities, and met with local alumni associations.



XJTU and the three universities reached consensus on the following aspects:      


1. Short-term/Long-term academic exchange for outstanding undergraduates;  

XJTU will select outstanding undergraduates and send to the three universities for short-term or long-term academic training.        


2. Academic training of the post-graduates and doctoral candidates through the CSC support.  

Based on the CSC (China Scholarship Council) projects, Master’s candidates and doctoral candidates of XJTU will be selected to send to study in the three universities.        


3. Joint education for dual degrees.      


4. Hiring an eminent professor as a substantial part-time professor to work at XJTU.      


5. Establishing a joint research institute or laboratory.