President Wang Shuguo met LG Goup and Pusan National University delegation for multilateral collaboration

2015-08-27  []

On August 26, the Vice President Se-Dong Chang of LG Life and Energy Research and Development Center, Vice Director Professor Ma Yeong Ha of Thermal Engineering Research Center, School of Mechanical Engineering of Pusan National University visited XJTU. President Wang Shuguo met the delegation.

President Wang Introduced the Western China Science and Technology Innovation Harbor. He hoped Pusan National University, LG Group and XJTU could engage solid collaboration combining academic, industrial and research activities in the existing agreement framework.

Professor Man Yeong Ha of Pusan National University was confident of the active collaboration between the two institutions in faculty exchange and joint research, especially with XJTU School of Energy and Power Engineering. He hoped Pusan National University could strengthen institutional cooperation through networking with a strong local enterprise.