XJTU 120th Anniversary Serial Lectures “Great Minds in XJTU” kicked off Noble Prize Winner Shuji Nakamura talked about LED

2015-07-29  []

On July 28th, professor Shuji Nakamura of the noble prize winner in physics 2014 visited XJTU as the honorary professor and delivered an excellent lecture, a prelude to the “Great Minds” serial lectures for the 120th anniversary and 60th western relocation of XJTU.

Professor Shuji Nakamura gave an overview of his research on LED and encouraged the XJTU students to study through persistence and research unrelentlessly and concentratedly. He then introduced his latest areas of study.


Before the lecture, Chairman Zhang Maizeng of XJTU CPC Committee delivered the honorary professorship certificate to professor Nakmura.


On the occasion of XJTU 120th anniversary and 60th western relocation, XJTU will invite the winners of Noble Prize, Turing Award and Fields Medal etc on campus for academic lectures, high-level international conferences and graduate thesis assessment etc. The effort is to broaden the horizon of XJTU students and meanwhile keep them informed of the forefront of academic researches.