Single Crystal Diamond and its Electronics International Symposium was held at XJTU

2015-06-16  []

From June 12 to 17, the 2015 Single Crystal Diamond and its Electronics International Symposium was hosted at XJTU Nanyang Hotel. Over 100 participants from different countries and regions attended the symposium. Professor Hou Xun of XJTU School of Electronic and Information Engineering, who is also a member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, presided on the symposium, while Professor Wang Hongxing of the Chinese “Thousand Talent Program”, Mr. Kawarada, president of Diamond Association of Japan and a professor of Waseda University, and professor of National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS) co-presided.


Mr. Kawarada of Waseda University, a professor of NIMS and professor Zhang Wenjun of City University of Hong Kong presented the latest research results by their research teams. Prof. Ao Jinping of University of Tokushima, Prof. Li Cheng Ming of Beijing University of Science and Technology, Prof. Zhang Jincheng of Xi’an Xidian University, Prof. Hu Xiaojun of Zhejiang University of Technology and Prof. Zhu Jiaqi of Harbin Institute of Technology delivered the latest Chinese findings on single crystal diamonds. Dr. bernold Richarzhagen of the Swiss Synova Company addressed on the application of wet laser processing technology in diamonds and electronic devices. Prof. Wang Hongxing of XJTU Wide Band Gap Semiconductor Materials and Devices Center introduced the most recent investigations into the rapid growth of single crystal diamonds, extended growth of single crystal diamonds for electronic devices, single crystal diamond-based solar-blind UV detection, and single crystal diamond-based power electronics etc, earning positive comments from the conference participants.