Vice Rector of Bauman Moscow State Technical University visited XJTU

2015-05-19  []

On May 19, Vice Rector Sergey Korshunov of Bauman Moscow State Technical University headed a delegation to XJTU. President Wang Shuguo met the delegates to discuss the creation of University Alliance of the New Silk Road (UANSR) and explore possible institutional cooperation. Vice President Xi Guang also attended the meeting.


President Wang extended warm greetings and welcome to Vice Rector Sergey Korshunov and expressed his excitement for meeting the delegation at the hometown of the Chinese president Xi Jinping. He introduced XJTU’s projection on Western China Science and Technology Innovation Harbor as well as its future blueprint. He proposed that the harbor will be open and internationally oriented. Upon completion, it will be the largest scientific and technological park with the largest concentration of talents. And the UANSR will be headquartered at the harbor. He suggested that Vice Rector Sergey Korshunov and Bauman Moscow State Technical University join XJTU in exploring broad collaboration on the harbor project.

Following the meeting, Vice Rector Sergey Korshunov expressed his insights into China’s one belt one road strategy and the creation of UANSR. It’s said it has been his second visit to Xi’an since 21 years ago. Before the visit, he gave himself a Chinese name, Wang Fuzhong, to demonstrate his attachment and expectation to institutional collaboration, apart from the friendship between XJTU and BMSTU.

XJTU and Bauman Moscow State Technical University are membership universities of the Association of Sino-Russian Technical Universities (ASRTU), having engaged a number of academic activities including joint research and faculty visits etc. The purpose of the visit by Bauman Moscow State Technical University is to attend the opening ceremony of UANSR to be held on May 22 and sign agreement of cooperation with XJTU.