XJTU Signed Strategic Cooperation Memorandum with Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company

2015-02-10  []

On the afternoon of February 9th, at the signing ceremony of strategic cooperation driven by innovation held by Shaanxi province and Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company, president Wang Shuguo, on behalf of XJTU, signed a strategic cooperation memorandum with the Chinese branch of Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company(hereafter referred to as 3M company).

The two parties, based on the principle of following the leadership of the government, Strengthening the main position of the company, making a win-win cooperation and seeking for common development, has negotiated successfully and will endeavor to improve the cooperation in three innovating fields of technology, industry and management. The two parties will have deeper cooperation in technical innovation, talents cultivation and project teamwork and will fully take advantage of the company’s creativity and the research and education resources of the university to provide convenience and service to each other.

The signing ceremony was also witnessed by Zhao Zhengyong, secretary of Shannxi Party Committee, Jiang Zelin, a member of the standing committee of Shannxi Party Committee and standing deputy governor, and Wei Minzhou, secretary of Xi’an Party Committee and a member of the standing committee of Shannxi Party Committee as well as Xin Xuezhe, deputy CEO of 3M company and Liu Yaoqi, deputy officer of the department of Global Research and Development and Asian-Pacific International Affairs of 3M company.