Vice president of LG and delegation of Pusan National University to XJTU

2015-02-10  []

February 9, Dr. Byungsoon Kim, vice president of LG and Man Yeong Ha, professor of Pusan National University led respectively a delegation to visit XJTU, aiming to negotiate cooperation among three sides. Wang Shuguo, president of XJTU met with the delegations.

President Wang first extended warm welcome to the arrival of two delegations. He pointed out that XJTU, as a university devoted to build itself into a world-class university, looked forward to conducting in-depth cooperation with LG and Pusan National University. According to Wang, talents cultivation and scientific and technological innovation of universities had a natural liaison with talent resources and translation of scientific fruits of top transnational companies. In this regard, the three sides had huge potential for cooperation, he added.

Dr Byungsoon Kim expressed his hope that LG, XJTU and Pusan National University would jointly establish labs to carry out cooperation in fields like energy, power and environment, pointing out that both LG and XJTU enjoyed a bright development prospect. He continued to say that LG hoped to be a part of construction of the Western Scientific and Technological Innovation Port and enhance cooperation with XJTU in the effort of building Green Campus.

Later, representatives from the three sides conducted a thorough discussion about cooperation matters and relevant details, and nailed down specific work contents and schedule of the next phase, aiming to propel signing of the comprehensive cooperative agreement.