Bernard Belloc, the Global Development Counselor of French SKEMA Commercial School and his party visited XJTU

2015-01-15  []

In the afternoon of 12th January, Bernard Belloc, the Global Development Counselor of French SKEMA Commercial School , Paul D Azemar, the Principal of China Region, Laubie Li, the Principal of SuZhou Campus and their party visited XJTU and were met by President Wang Shuguo.

President Wang Shuguo extended a warm welcome to the visiting of French SKEMA Commercial School. He pointed out that there was a long history of China-France friendship and the youth in our two countries had a strong desire to understand each other’s history and culture. Nowadays, China has more frequent exchange with other countries than before. Chinese government attaches great importance to the building of world top universities, and XJTU will respond to the call, actively fulfilling the responsibility of providing a stage for students and teachers to broaden their horizons and have international cooperation. President Wang Shuguo paid high tribute to the teaching modes of French universities which emphasize the combination of industry-university-research and university-enterprise cooperation. He hoped that XJTU and French SKEMA Commercial School would enhance understanding and promote cooperation, and he introduced representatives present as well as the advantages and features of every school and discipline, encouraging French SKEMA Commercial School to keep in touch with XJTU’s School of Economics and Finance, School of Management and Jinhe Center for Economic Research and developing a effective communication and cooperation pattern.

The Global Development Counselor Bernard Belloc introduced the history, developing goal, construction of campus and teaching features of French SKEMA Commercial School. He emphasized that French SKEMA Commercial School paid attention to training French students to gain understanding of Chinese Business mode and to developing university-enterprise cooperation with Chinese enterprises, with the purpose of training Chinese students’ innovation and entrepreneurship. As the Global Development Counselor of French SKEMA Commercial School, this visit helped him to know President Wang Shuguo’s developing strategies about talent-training and industry-university-research combination. He hoped to succeed in building effective communication and cooperation mechanism, broaden students’ horizons, set up a stage for teachers’ joint research and develop a mode for teachers to exchange teaching methodology and international education.

Laubie Li, the Principal of SuZhou Campus, pointed out that the teaching features of French SKEMA Commercial School emphasized educational internationalization, university-enterprise cooperation and the combination of industry-university-research. By setting up a global research center in China, it will create superior resources and benefit local society. He believed that our two universities have an enormous potential of cooperation in terms of the building of XJTU Scientific Creation Harbor and the research of Chinese business cases and data. The two institutes could develop an effective joint training mode and establish a long term cooperative partnership.

Paul D Azemar, the principal of China Region, introduced two available joint training modes between French SKEMA Commercial School and XJTU. It’s his hope that by signing up the school-level agreement, the two sides could implement  and promote the substantial cooperation in talent training in two universities.

The two delegations also discussed the idea and mode of joint training and scientific cooperation.