XJTU students shine at National University Track and Field Championship

2021-08-19  []


Students of Xi'an Jiaotong University (XJTU) got excellent scores at the 20th National University Track and Field Championship held on Zijingang Campus of Zhejiang University from July 31 to Aug 5.


After a few days of fierce competition, XJTU students won a total of three golds, one bronze, two fourths, two fifths, and three eighths, and received the "Sportsmanship Award".

Wei Yanxi (C) and her coach Hu Qiong (L2)

In the women's high-level hammer throw final, XJTU track and field athlete Wei Xiyan won the championship with an excellent result of 55.39 meters. This is Wei's second national championship after the National Student Sports Games.                    


Jia Yufei (C) and his coach Jiang Wei (L)

In the men's super-level triple jump final, XJTU track and field team member Jia Yufei took first place with a score of 16.04m,continuing to hold the national university championship.


Meng Yi (C) and her coach Qu Qiang (L)


In the women's high-level 100m hurdles final, XJTU track and field team member Meng Yi won the gold medal with an outstanding performance of 14.03 seconds, making a good start at her first participation in the National University Track and Field Championship.


Group photo of  XJTU students at the award ceremony of women's 4×400m relay


In the women's 4×400m relay final, four track and field athletes from XJTU, Liu Yueying, Xiao Haiyun, Zhang Siyu, and Guo Mengyue, united and worked hard to win a bronze medal within three minutes and 52.88 seconds.                


Zhang Donghao and Xue Tanglin of XJTU achieved fourth places in the men's group high-level 3,000m hurdles and men's high-level hammer throw respectively. Peng Aijia and Zhao Zihan finished fifth in the women's and men's high-level hammer throw.


In addition, Zhang Xiwen, Lü Zhihui, and Zhang Siyu also won the eighth place in the long jump, 110m hurdles, and 4×100m relay.


The competition was hosted by Zhejiang Universityand attracted 2,778 student athletes and coaches from 255 universities. As an important part of college sports events, the National University Track and Field Championship, after 30 years of development, has become the largest national sports event sponsored by the Federation of University Sports of China, and has the largest number of participants both in athletes and schools.