XJTU ranks number 1 in ‘Mechanical Engineering' worldwide

2021-05-27  []


Xi'an Jiaotong University (XJTU) ranked number 1 for the first time in the subject of “Mechanical Engineering” in the recently released Shanghai Ranking’s Global Ranking of Academic Subjects. This is a historic breakthrough since the discipline of mechanical engineering at XJTU ranked second in the world for three consecutive years since 2018.


XJTU’s Mechanical Engineering originated in 1913, making it one of the oldest and strongest disciplines in China.With the mission of cultivating outstanding talents, serving the needs of the country and promoting industrial progress, XJTU has taken root in the west while serving the country with world-class disciplines.        


All members devoted in this discipline have always inherited the westward relocation spirit of “following the Party’s command” and assisted in economic and social development.


They have created many “firsts” in the history of China, such as the first light used to repair additive manufacturing equipment and the first holographic spectrum dynamic balance diagnostic instrument.


Mechanical Engineering at XJTU always serves the major needs of the country and continues to make new breakthroughs.


It realized China’s first space 3D printing, conquered the core technology of ultra-precision machine tools, created new theories and technologies for fault diagnosis, served equipment in nuclear power, carrier rocket and other major fields, and provided important support for independent, safe and controllable key core technologies.



Facing the COVID-19 pandemic, it actively developed virus detection equipment and reagents, provided more than 10,000 pieces of testing equipment and one trillion reagents to make “hard core” protection for epidemic prevention and control. In the past five years, it has led 32 major projects over the 10 million yuan level and won four State Science and Technology Awards and 11 provincial and ministerial awards.


Mechanical Engineering at XJTU has built a science and technology innovation system with six national platforms and 11 provincial and ministerial platforms as the core, including the State Key Laboratory for Manufacturing Systems Engineering and the Collaborative Innovation Center of High-end Manufacturing Equipment. It has also provided space and a foundation for all kinds of talents to start their own businesses.


It has gathered a talent team with moderate scale, reasonable structure and distinctive characteristics, attracting eight academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Engineering, 36 national level high-end talents, and 24 highly influential scientists ranking in the top 2% of the world.