XJTU students achieve great scores at the 11th National College Student Mathematics Competition

2021-04-21  []


Organized by the Chinese Mathematical Society, the finals of the 11th National College Student Mathematics Competition were successfully held at Wuhan University on April16-18.

170,787 students from 849 colleges and universities in China participated in the preliminary round of the competition, and a total of 605 students entered the finals, including 8 XJTU students, with 4 from non-mathematics majors and 4 in mathematics majors. They won 2 first prizes and 2 second prizes in the non-mathematics major group, and 2 first prizes and 1 second prize in the mathematics major group.

In particular, Yu Peisheng and Han Jianle won the national first and sixth places in the non-mathematics major group respectively.

The National College Student Mathematics Competition started in 2009 and has become one of the most influential high-level academic competitions in the country for undergraduates.

It aims to promote reform and construction of mathematics courses in colleges and universities, explore innovative mathematics talents, train them in mathematical thinking ability, forge their willpower, and enhance their execution ability.

With the support of the Practice and Teaching Center, the School of Mathematics and Statistics established a competition guidance team led by Zhao Xiaoyan, and composed of Li Jicheng, Yi Yuan, Zhang Yonghuai, Li Tian, Wang Wei, and Wang Lizhou to provide pre-match guidance and training to help students achieve excellent results.