“Transparent ferroelectric single crystals with ultrahigh piezoelectricity” discovered by XJTU professor Xu Zhuo’s team listed among China's top 10 scientific advances of 2020

2021-02-27  []


On February 27. 2021, the Centre of Science and Technology Research and Development of the Ministry of Science and Technology (Department of Basic Research) unveiled China’s top 10 scientific advances, including research results of XJTU Prof. Xu Zhuo’s team on transparent ferroelectric crystals with ultrahigh piezoelectricity.


China’s top 10 scientific advances are China’s scientists’ remarkable progress in coping with COVID-19; the Chang’e 5 lunar probe’s successful retrieval of lunar samples; China’s deep-sea manned submersible Fendouzhe’s diving record at the top of the list; key steps in research on the transmission of human genetic materials; the development of transparent ferroelectric crystals with ultrahigh piezoelectricity; Chinese scientist’ efforts in measuring the new height of Mount Qomolangma; genomic insights into ancient DNA and the evolution and migration history of Chinese populations; recreating 300+ million years history of the Earth’s biodiversity changes; biomarkers and potential intervention targets for organ aging in mammals; and quantum interference in chemical reactions.


The selection of China's top 10 scientific advances has been held successfully 16 times, aiming to publicize China's key scientific advancements in basic research, inspiring enthusiasm and dedication among sci-tech workers, and promoting public understanding and support of basic research to create a sound atmospheref or the development of science in society at large.