Two XJTU researchers listed as AI 2000 Most Influential Scholars

2020-04-24  []



Recently, the winner list of the AI 2000 Most Influential Scholar Award was released that included XJTU Professor Sun Jian, Dean of the School of Artificial Intelligence, and Professor Gong Yihong, Dean of the School ofS oftware Engineering. Sun Jian won the AI 2000 Most Influential Scholar Award and Gong Yihong won the AI 2000 Most Influential Scholar Award - Honorable Mention.  


The “AI 2000 Most Influential Scholars Award” was initiated by the Knowledge Intelligence Research Center (K&I) jointly established by Tsinghua University and China Knowledge Center for Engineering Science and Technology, and the Institute for Artificial Intelligence of Tsinghua University. The Award covers 20 sub-areas of AI, including classic AI, machine learning, computer vision, natural languageprocessing, and so on. Leading international AI scholars were selected based on 270 million papers published by 130 million scholars worldwide and the number of times these papers were cited in the most recent 10 years.