Shen Shengping and his colleagues continue working on smart materials

2020-03-16  []



In the past decade, XJTU Professor Shen Shengping and his team have been dedicated to the research about theory and application of mechanic-electric coupling of flexural electric materials and structure. Their research results won a 2019 outstanding achievement award for scientific research in universities and a first prize natural science award. Their research, begin in 2008, has been rapid progress. The “Shen Formulation” is a term western researchers have used to refer to this research. Praised as a “groundbreaking” it has established a “groundbreaking theoretical framework”. In the past ten years, this team established a series of analysis models to study the performance and stability of micro-nano smart structures. Their research results offer a new theory and ideas related to flexural electric smart devices design, which has been accepted in worldwide.