Voice: Tao Wenquan on Westward Relocation

2018-07-30  []



Before the 121st anniversary of Jiaotong University and the 61st anniversary of the westward relocation of XJTU, “Voice”, a CCTV talk show, invited XJTU Professor Tao Wenquan as the first speaker to the program series -- “Stand High and Aim Far, Work Sensibly and Practically ”.


Professor Tao Wenquan, a CAS member, is a world renowned expert in the field of numerical heat transfer.


On the talk show, he shared his experience and stories in the westward relocation of Jiaotong University, and presented a panorama of those memorable days of the relocation.


The show was broadcast in CCTV Channel 1.


Link to the video: http://tv.cctv.com/2018/05/20/VIDEaDGIsOIDbgnjnlm4mj39180520.shtml