XJTU and Loughborough University jointly set up a laboratory

2018-07-27  []




XJTU and Loughborough University, UK, decided to jointly set up a laboratory, namely, China-UK Inter-disciplinary Laboratory for Ultra-fast Pulsed Power Techniques, shortened as UPPT, for promoting scientific research and talent training on ultra-fast pulse.


By Relying on the National Center for International Research onTransient Electromagnetic Environments and Applications and other national research bases, the UPPT is committed to the development of the technologies in ultra-fast pulse generation , pulse electromagnetic field measurement, and high power electromagnetic radiation technologies. In addition, this center will be devoted to the interdisciplinary development in terms of life sciences, medicine, food and imaging detection, promoting its application to the industry, and providing solutions to deal with industrial problems and challenges.



Professor Novac delivered an academic speech entitled “Modern Non-invasive Pulsed Electric Field techniques for Food Industry and Bio-medical Applications”, and systematically introduced the application of non-invasion pulse electromagnetic in food and biomedical industry.