Multiresponse Bionic Molecular Zipper Developed for Precise Tumor Targeting Therapy

2017-10-16  []

Recently, researchers from Biomedical Engineering and Biomechanics Center (BEBC) of XJTU and State Key Laboratory of Analytical Chemistry for Life Science of Nanjing University developed a multi-response bionic molecular zipper, and applied it into precise manipulation of the surface properties of nano-drug carriers, thus realizing the precise targeting and drug therapy for tumors.


Inspired by the ability of proteins to regulate their conformation and functions through post-translational modifications, researchers designed and synthesized two novel bionic polymers: disulfide polymers bearing guanidinium and temperature-sensitive polymers containing phosphorylated tyrosine residues. Additionally, a pH-/temperature-/redox-sensitive molecular zipper was constructed through multiple salt bridges of guanidinium and phosphate groups. By applying near infrared laser irradiation at the tumor site, the surface states of nanocarriers were altered, which promoted the absorption of tumor cells and improved the therapeutic efficacy of drugs.


As one of the development frontiers of nanoscience, the precise manipulation of the surface states of nanocarriers is of great research value. It provides a new strategy for surface modification of the nanomaterials, which would greatly promote the development of nanomaterials assembly, bionic materials preparation, clinical translation of nanomedicines and other fields of nanoscience and technology.


The above findings were published in the Advanced Materials (impact factor 19.791) with the title of "Engineering the Surface of Smart Nanocarriers Using a pH-/Thermal-/GSH-Responsive Polymer Zipper for Precise Tumor Targeting Therapy in Vivo ".


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