Transcription Factor KLF4 Plays a Role in Anti-atherosclerosis

2017-10-13  []

By applying RNA sequencing, in vitro endothelial cell culture and intervention experiments, as well as gene knockout mice, the research team led by Prof. Shi Yunzhong from XJTU School of Basic Medical Sciences found that the activity of an important inflammation transcription factor KLF4 in endothelial cells and macrophages can increase the expressions of Ch25h and LXR that help with cholesterol metabolism. The KLF4-Ch25h/LXR pathway can enhance the counter transport of cholesterol through the vascular wall, thereby inhibiting the development of vascular inflammation. This inhibits macrophages from polarization in the M1 direction that promotes inflammation, thus functioning to fight against  atherosclerosis.


The above results are reported in the article entitled KLF4 Regulation of Ch25h and LXR Mitigates Atherosclerosis Susceptibility of the online journal Circulation.


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