First Successful Treatment of Man with Choledocholithiasis Complicated with Kartagener Syndrome in Northwest China Using New Approach

2017-10-09  []

On July 27, 2017, the Department of Hepatobiliary Surgery of the First Affiliated Hospital of XJTU successfully completed in Northwest China the first case of  “One-stop minimally invasive treatment of man with choledocholithiasis complicated with Kartagener syndrome with laparoscope combined with ERCP.


In recent years, as a National Key Clinical Specialty, Hepatobiliary Surgery of the First Affiliated Hospital of XJTU keeps on making progress under the leadership of Professors Liu Qingguang, Lv Yi, and Wu Zheng.


Recently, the first national clinical research center for digestive diseases in Northwest China, “the Collaborative Center for Minimally Invasive Treatment of Chronic Pancreatitis”, has been established during this time. Based on multidisciplinary concepts, this center has integrated endoscopy, interventional therapy, surgery and laparoscopic technology to provide patients with a one-stop therapeutic service through comprehensive treatment so as to minimize the cost of medical service and bring benefits to the patients.