Exciting Xi’an Jiaotong University Global Health Institute (GHI) Established

2016-10-18  []

Recently, the GlobalHealth Institute (GHI) was formally established in Xi’an Jiaotong University,one of the top universities in China and the leading university in West China. Alarge number of international and national leading experts, local scholars andstudents attended the Sep 18 GHIInauguralMeeting and the 2016 Xi’an GlobalHealthForum,held in the InternationalConference Hall of Qujiang Hotel, Xi’an, China.


Vice-President of Xi'an JiaotongUniversity, Hong Yan hosted the meeting


This historicalinitiative is expected to bring together many of the top minds in China andworldwide to explore, embrace and address the challenges that affect people’s healthacross the globe, to take advantage of the emerging opportunities in China andglobally, to advancetransdisciplinary researchand eduation, and support international collaboration.


President of Xi'anJiaotong University, Shuguo Wang,the Former President of Chinese Academy of Medicine and academician,Denian Ba,President ofthe China Medical Board (CMB), Lincoln Chen,Vice-President of Xi’an Jiaotong University Guang Xi, Hong Yan and FoundingDirector of the GHI, Youfa Wang attended the unveiling ceremony.


A number of international and national leaders in the health field and key officials fromrelated government agencies in China and international organizations includingseveralacademiciansparticipated in the ceremonyand forum and delivered speeches. These include the Former President of ChineseAcademy of Medicine andacademician,Denian Ba, former ViceMinister of Ministry of Health,President of the Chinese Preventive Medicine andacademicianLongde Wang, the VicePresident of Chinese Academy of Engineering andacademician,Daiming Fan, Directorof the ChineseCenters for Disease Control andPreventionInstitute of Epidemiology and Microbiology andacademicianJianguo Xu, President of the China Medical Board (CMB) and Professor atHarvard University, Lincoln Chen, Deputy Director of International CooperationDepartment of the National Health andFamily Planning Commission Yong Feng, Deputy Director of Family PlanningCommission of Shaanxi Province Zhenlin Sun, Director of China National Centerfor Biotechnology Development Deping Wang, United Nations InternationalChildren's Emergency Fund (UNICEF) Director,SuyingChang, and President of Xi’an Jiaotong University Shuguo Wang ,Vice-Presidentof Xi’an Jiaotong University Guang Xi,Mingzhe Rong,HongYan and Tiejun Wang .   


Former President of Chinese Academy ofMedicine and academician, Denian Ba


President ofthe Chinese Preventive Medicine andacademician,Longde Wang


“This new world-classinstitute will be unique in a number of ways. While the biomedical disciplineswill serve as the foundation of the GHI, affiliated researchers will come from aset of different disciplines like mathematics, statistics, engineering, informationsciences, as well as social sciences,”The GHI Founding Director, Dr. YoufaWangsays, “The institute will become a hub to help form andexchange new ideas and support interdisciplinary research and collaborationacross the globe. The research and training projects to be conducted by theinstitute will adopta transdisciplinaryapproachthatbringsexpertiseacross the landscape of sciences. GHI will benefit from and serve China’s keynational development strategies, including ‘the Beltand Road’,and focus onaddressing key health-related problems and solutions in China and globally.”   


The GHI FoundingDirector, Youfa Wang


TheGHI was established aiming to help achieve key national development strategiesincluding China’s “NationalInnovation-driven Development Strategy” and “The Belt and RoadInitiatives”. Responding to these key nationalstrategies, in 2015Xi’an Jiaotong Universitystarted to construct the “China WestScientific and Technological InnovationHarbour”, which wasjointly funded by the Chinese Ministry of Education and Shaanxi Province. Asone of the key components of thisHarbour, the new GHIaims to help improve the health of people in China, “the Belt and Road”countries and around the world, promote global health research, fosterinterdisciplinary and international collaboration in research and education.


Key research focusesof the GHI include topics such as global health, applications of big data inhealth care and services, application of systems science in public health, mobilehealth (mHealth), child and maternal health, non-communicable chronic diseases,integrated health care, personalized health care development and dissemination,minority health and health disparities.


President of Xi'an JiaotongUniversity, Shuguo Wang


“GHI will takeadvantage of various resources from China and internationally to address globalhealth problems,” President ofXi'an JiaotongUniversity Dr. Shuguo Wang says, “GHI cares about global health issues. When auniversity cares about the major problems in the society, it is destined tobecome a great university. A great university relies on great work.”


The mission ofGHI is to catalyze and conduct innovative, multidisciplinary andinterdisciplinary research that responds to the changing global burden ofdisease and influences policy, publish high impact research papers, and become aworldwide leader in interdisciplinary global health education. From theperspective of research, GHI’s development will benefit from the strengths ofXi’an Jiaotong University’s colleges and disciplines and become a professionalhome of national and international leading experts. GHI will foster successfulcollaborations across multiple disciplines and institutions and providesolutions to major threats to public health in China and globally. Regardingeducation, GHI will develop formal graduate and postdoc doctoral trainingprograms and informal, short-, medium- and long-term training programs includingcertificate programs. In addition, taking advantage of the unique historicalculture and international reputation of Xi’an, GHI will develop regular summerand winter training programs and help train researchers in new emerging fieldssuch as big data and mHealth, in response to the high demand of biomedicalresearchers, health professionals and policy makers in China and other countriesalong “theBelt and Road”.


The China WestScientific and Technological Innovation Harbour


In the future GHIwill be located in theChina West Scientific and Technological InnovationHarbour, about 25 km from Xi’an, being built and to be completed by 2018. The GHI’s futurework will also benefit from the newly established “UniversitiesAlliance of theSilk Road(UNSR)”, which includedover 100 universities from approximately 40 countries, and isled by Xi'anJiaotong University.GHI will createa powerful platform for international partners to exchange health knowledge andresearch, provide services and implement solutions and policies regarding keyhealth related problems in China and worldwide.


“This GHI willbe the first global health institute in West China and will help lead futuredirections in research, education, health promotion and social engagements,both in China and across theglobe,” saidHong Yan, Vice-President ofXi'an JiaotongUniversity and Director of the Xi'an Jiaotong University Health Science Center.


Xi’an is a worldfamous city with a rich history and culture. As a central birthplace of theancient Chinese civilization, the eastern terminusofthe Silk Road and the site of the famous Terracotta Warriors of the QinDynasty, it has won a reputation all over the world. It has morethan 3,000 years of history, including serving for more than 1,100years as the capital city of 13 ancient dynasties of China.Xi’an welcomes many leading scholars fromaround the globe to join its new global health initiative as marked by the newGHI. The GHI has a number of open faculty and research staff positions and willoffer attractive training programs as well.