A Delegation Led by Chairman Zhang and President Wang Visited NHFPC for Promoting the Development of Medical Undertaking of XJTU

2016-07-22  []


A delegation led by Zhang Maizeng, Chairmanof the University Board of Xi’an Jiaotong University (XJTU) and Wang Shuguo,President of XJTU visited the National Health and Family Planning Commission(NHFPC) on July 19 for the purpose of understanding the national needs, seekingpotential backup and cooperation, and setting a plan for the development of themedical undertaking at XJTU. The Participants joined in the meeting includedLiu Qian, Deputy Director of the NHFPC, and the heads of the General Office,Department of Health Science, Technology and Education, Department of Planningand Information, and Bureau of Medical Administration of NHFPC. Given thelocation advantage of XJTU as deeply finds its roots in West China, the twosides exchanged ideas on quickening the pace of promoting the talentcultivation, doing scientific research, offering medical services and otherissues alike. The visit promotes the communication and cooperation between XJTUand NHFPC, and allows XJTU a chance to know more about the national developmentstrategies in the medical field and also facilitate a quantum leap of itsmedicine undertaking.