President Wang Shuguo headed a delegation to the Chinese Academy of Engineering for creation of IKCEST Training Program

2016-09-04  []

On August 30, President Wang Shuguo,Academician Zheng Nanning, and VP Zheng Qinghua visited the Chinese Academy ofEngineering to meet Dean Zhou Ji in discussion of creating IKCEST trainingprogram with Xi’an Jiaotong University.





President Wang mentioned creating IKCESTtraining program aligned with the strategy of both the Chinese centralgovernment and the countries along the ancient Silk Road. In the future, itwill bolster the soft power of the country and is an honorary cause to foster patriotism.





Academician Zheng Nanning believed theestablishment of IKCEST would play a significant role in enhancing theinternational vision of the Chinese university faculty.

DeanZhou Ji highly acknowledged XJTU’s plan and meanwhile appreciated XJTU’spreparatory work regarding IKCEST Silk Road Science and Technology Sub-Center. Hehoped his academy could strengthen cooperation with XJTU and well execute the tasksinvolved in the training program to serve the “Belt and Road” initiatives.