The Forum for Universities Presidents from Cross-strait, Hongkong and Macau Regions held in XJTU

2016-08-15  []


On July26th, one of the most distinguished forum between universities in Cross-strait,Hongkong and Macau Regions, the forum for universities presidents from cross-strait,Hongkong and Macau regions was held in XJTU. 21 universities presidentsparticipated in the forum, approached the problem about how to build aworld-class university. Zhang Baowen the president of China Democratic League,Xu Hui the vice president of China Democratic League, Wu Qianjin the  deputy director of the Standing Committee ofthe people's Congress in Shaanxi province, Zhang Daohong the vice-governor ofShaanxi province, Shao Xiangnong the deputy secretary general of the Standing Committeeof the people's Congress in Shaanxi province attend the forum.




Zhou Hangyi the president of Taiwan ChengchiUniversity, Peter Mathieson the president of Hongkong University, Qiu Yong thePresident of Tsinghua University, Yan Panchi the president of TaiwanUniversity, Zhao Wei the president of Macau University, Wang Shuguo thepresident of XJTU and Su Huizhen the president of Taiwan Cheng Kung Universitygave the keynote speech during the forum.



Zhang Baowen the president of China DemocraticLeague and Xu Hui the vice president of China Democratic League alsoparticipated in the free talk part of the forum.