Washington University in St. Louis Reported the Cooperation with XJTU on their Official Website

2016-07-11  []


Mark Wrighton the president of WashingtonUniversity in St. Louis visited XJTU during the 120th anniversary of XJTU andgave a speech on the World-Class university mobilization conference. PresidentMark Wrighton signed the MOU with president Wang Shuguo and WashingtonUniversity in St. Louis became the first North American member of theUniversity Alliance of Silk Road.      




WashingtonUniversity first North American member of the University Alliance of theSilk Road        


Xi’anJiaotong University named a McDonnell International Scholars Academy partnerinstitution.        



Leaders from top global universitiesgathered at Xian Jiaotong University (XJTU) in China for a World ClassUniversities Expo and Conference April 7-10. The events, held in honor of the120th anniversary of XJTU, included lectures by Nobel Prize winners anduniversity presidents, as well as meetings on collaborative opportunities inhigher education.      



During the event, XJTU installed WashingtonUniversity in St. Louis as the first North American member of the UniversityAlliance of the Silk Road (UASR). Washington University Chancellor Mark S.Wrighton, plenary speaker for the anniversary conference, accepted the honorfor the university in a signing ceremony and joined the UASR executivecommittee.      


Strongcollaborations with top research universities like Washington University areimportant not only for our university, but the future of the world, said WangShuguo, president of XJTU. The UASR allows us to offer more opportunities for the younggeneration to understand different backgrounds and make important connectionsto help improve quality of life for all.    


The UASR is a non-governmental, nonprofitorganization aimed at openness and international cooperation in highereducation.      


The SilkRoad was the ancient worlds most important conduit of information and technology, Wrightonsaid, and today Xian Jiaotong University is bringing universities from around theworld to build one of the worlds great collaborative programs, one that will contribute to thedevelopment of human civilization.          


Xian JiaotongUniversity has taken a major leadership step to launch the University Allianceof the Silk Road. This initiative sets the University apart, and willcontribute significantly to a brighter future, Wrighton said.          


UASR is focused on building a platform ofhigher education cooperation and promotion of regional openness anddevelopment. The alliance is fostering exchanges and collaboration amonguniversities from countries and regions along the Silk Road and beyond, in theareas of talent training, research, cultural communication, policy studies andmedical service.      


New McDonnell International ScholarsAcademy partner


During the 120th anniversary celebration,XJTU also formally joined the McDonnell International Scholars Academy,Washington Universitys lead global education and collaboration initiative.      


The McDonnell Academy is a partnership of31 premier universities from around the world.      



The University Alliance of the Silk Road complements the mission ofthe McDonnell Scholars Academy, said James V. Wertsch, director of the academy and vice chancellorfor international affairs at Washington University. Throughinternational research and education partnerships, universities play asignificant role in addressing global challenges. This new partnershipstrengthens our shared ability to have an impact and extends ournetworks.      


We are proudto welcome Xian Jiaotong University as a member of the McDonnell Academy, Wertschsaid.          


The academy is an international scholarshipprogram designed to attract the worlds best students frompartner universities to obtain graduate education at Washington University.      


The unique platform provided by thisnetwork of partner institutions also is being harnessed to foster collaborativeresearch on issues such as energy and sustainability, aging, internationalunderstanding and public health.      


Guy M. Genin, professor of mechanicalengineering and materials science in the School of Engineering & AppliedScience at Washington University, and in the Department of Neurological Surgeryat Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, serves as theMcDonnell Academy Ambassador to Xian JiaotongUniversity.      


Xian Jiaotong is a great match for Washington University, with uniquestrengths in energy, materials, public health, and biotechnologies, Geninsaid.      


Thesestrengths, combined with the resources of the UASR, will be tremendous assetsas researchers in McDonnell Academy institutions continue to address some ofthe worlds most pressing challenges.                                      



The Ministry of Education of the Peoples Republicof China recently named Genin a Yangtze River Scholar. As part of thisprestigious award, Genin is the Yangtze River Chaired Professor at XJTU.