China-Singapore International Symposium on Recent Developments in Physics is held at XJTU

2010-09-21  []

On the morning of September 21, the 6th China-Singapore International Symposium on recent developments in physics was convened at XJTU. The seminar, jointly sponsored by XJTU and Singapore State University, was held over three days. Scholars and researchers from universities in both Singapore and China discussed a broad range of topics, including cohesion condition physics and advanced nanomaterials, optics and quanta information, statistical physics and complex networks, and biomaterials and biomechanics.

XJTU Vice President LU Tianjian, the dean of the Department of Physics of Singapore State University Professor FENG Yuanping, academician GE Molin and over 70 representatives from Singapore and China attended the opening ceremony, which was chaired by the Dean of the School of Science Professor LI Fuli.

Vice President LU and Professor FENG welcomed the visiting delegates. Six experts and scholars delivered keynote addresses, including academician GE Molin, Professor C. K. Ong from Singapore State University, and Professor DING Bingjun from the School of Science.