Vice-President of University of Dayton visits XJTU

2010-09-26  []

On the afternoon of September 26, Vice-President Michael V. McCabe of the University of Dayton (Ohio) and his party visited XJTU. Vice President LU Tianjian met with the visiting guests in room 107 of the Science Hall. The two universities agreed to organize seminars next year in related fields, and to further develop cooperation and exchange in fields of mutual interest in the future.
In addition, Vice President LU gave a presentation on XJTU and its history, programs and organization. Vice President McCabe in turn gave a presentation on the University of Dayton and observed that, because the University of Dayton and XJTU have a number of points in common, there is the potential for developing cooperative programs in a number of areas, including energy, materials, machinery and aerospace. Later, Vice-President McCabe and his party visited the laboratories of the School of Energy & Power Engineering and the School of Aeronautics & Aerospace.