Canon Legal Adviser Mr. Nobuyoshi TANAKA visits XJTU

2010-10-15  []

Recently, Mr. Nobuyoshi TANAKA,a commission member of the Ministry of Strategy for the Intellectual Property Right of Japanese Cabinet, the special professor of Tohoku University and an advisor to Canon Global, the internationally known imaging company, visited XJTU and lectured on the topic "Technological Innovation and Intellectual Property Rights." Before the lecture, President ZHENG Nanning met with Professor TANAKA and said that the law provides the superstructure of society and that XJTU regards the study of law as one of its major disciplines. Professor TANAKA said that he was interested in developing intensive and extensive exchange and cooperation between Canon and XJTU in the area of legal protection of intellectual property rights on research and innovative technology.
In his lecture, Professor TANAKA discussed the relationship between research and development and innovation, and emphasized the importance of intellectual property and the company's intellectual property rights work.