XJTU legal research wins award, shows think tank achievements

2022-05-13  []


The legal research of Xi'an Jiaotong University (XJTU) recently won the well-known award named after Qian Duansheng, a famous Chinese expert on the science of constitution and politics.  


Entitled Report on the Compatibility of Chinese Laws and Regulations with the Energy Charter Treaty (Link to the paper: https://www.energycharter.org/what-we-do/publications/report-on-the-compatibility-of-chinese-laws-and-regulations-with-the-energy-charter-treaty/),the work is led by Professor Shan Wenhua, dean of the XJTU School of Law.  


The232-page report of nearly 100,000 words takes the main clauses of the Energy Charter Treaty (ECT) as a starting point, systematically analyzes China's existing energy and investment-related laws and regulations, covering such issues as international trade, competition, transit and technology transfer, and compares the similarities, differences, and compatibility between Chinese laws and the ECT area by area.  


For the first time, the report has systematically and deeply evaluated the compatibility of Chinese laws and the ECT, and assessed the legal, economic costs and benefits of China's accession to the treaty. On this basis, it puts forward the suggestions that China should take a part in the treaty and create an "energy belt" along the Silk Road.  


The award won by XJTU was initiated by the China University of Political Science and Law to commemorate Qian's outstanding contribution to China's legal cause, promote the prosperity and development of legal research, and enhance the rule of law.  


The report is the only international think tank achievement selected since the establishment of the award.