Joint research result on improved elastocaloric materials by additive manufacturing published in Science

2019-12-06  []


On November 29, 2019, Science published Fatigue-resistant High-performance Elastocaloric Materials Made by Additive Manufacturingreportingjoint research results of researchers of University of Maryland, Ames Laboratory, Colorado School of Mines, Xi’an Jiaotong University, and Iowa State University.


“Elastocaloric cooling, a solid-state cooling technology, exploits the latent heat released and absorbed by stress-induced phase transformations. Hysteresis associated with transformation, however, is detrimental to efficient energy conversion and functional durability.” In this research, scientists created thermodynamically efficient, low-hysteresis elastocaloric cooling materials by means of additive manufacturing of nickel-titanium. The new structure is able to enhance the material efficiency and the repeatable elastocaloric performance of elastocaloric cooling materials.


Dr. Huilong Hou is the first author with the University of Mary land as the corresponding institution. XJTU’s associate professor, Qian Suxin, is the fifth author.