XJTU makes progress in Graphene Quantum Dot (GQD) white-light-emitting material

2019-02-12  []


Recently, the research team led by XJTU professor He Ling from the School of Science developed white-light-emitting GQD-MF (Melamine Formaldehyde) polymer microspheres. The luminescent properties of grapheme quantum dots were regulated by the controlled aggregation of cationic MF prepolymer and GQD. The research team prepared highly efficient, solid-state white-light-emitting materials with high luminous efficacy, variable colors, and high thermal and optical stability. The white-light-emitting microspheres, with the average particle size of 2.0 ± 0.08 µm, the CIE coordinates in the range of (0.28,0.28) to (0.33, 0.32) and quantum yields from 83% to 43%, have been successfully applied in the fields of light-emitting diode (LED).


The research result was published online in Advanced Science (IF=12.441), under the title White-Light-Emitting Melamine-Formaldehyde Microspheres through Polymer-Mediated Aggregation and Encapsulation of Graphene Quantum Dots. Doctor Wu Youshen, a young teacher from the School of Science, is the first author. The Chemistry Department of the School of Science is the institutional affiliation of the first author and the only corresponding author.