XJTU researchers make advances in mechanical flexibility of flexible magnetic films

2019-01-07  []


Recently, researchers in the XJTU Jia-Lab for Interface and Atomic Structure revealed the relationship between the bending tenability and microwave magnetic properties of flexible nanoscale epitaxial lithium ferrite with different nanostructure. The results showed that the distribution of crystalline orientations in space was the main cause of the changes of microwave magnetic properties under bending. For epitaxial LFO thin films with (001) OOP orientation that exhibited strong anisotropy in microwave ferromagnetic resonance testing, bending could greatly modulate its resonance field, demonstrating its application potential in tunable microwave devices. Conversely, LFO nanopillar arrays grown on flexible substrates showed stable properties under bending and high signal-to-noise ratio, and is expected to be further applied to the integrated design of the stable module. This work is significant in the design of future flexible tunable/stable microwave magnetic devices.


The research result was published in Advanced ScienceIF=12.441, an international authoritative journal under the title A Strategy to Modulate the Bending Coupled Microwave Magnetism in Nanoscale Epitaxial Lithium Ferrite for Flexible Spintronic Devices.