XJTU researchers’ progress in electrostatic capacitors with polymer dielectrics

2018-12-19  []


Recently, Professor Wang Hong’s team from the Center for Advanced Functional Materials of XJTU has developed a tri-layered all-polymer material with higher energy density, charge-discharge efficiency and stability for capacitive energy storage. Different from the conventional approaches, low-dielectric-constant components were incorporated into the single-layer ferroelectric polymer film, forming a tri-layered structure, and shows excellent cycling stability and mechanical reliability. This work reveals the potential of “sandwich structured” ferroelectric polymers in electrical energy storage devices.



The research result was published online in Nano EnergyIF=13.12), under the title “Multilayered Ferroelectric Polymer Films Incorporating Low-Dielectric-Constant Components for Concurrent Enhancement of Energy Density and Charge-Discharge Efficiency”. XJTU doctoral candidate Chen Jie from the School of Electronic and Information Engineering is the first author, and Professor Wang Hong is the corresponding author. Xi’an Jiaotong University is the institutional affiliation of the first author, and Southern University of Science and Technology and the Pennsylvania State University are partners in this study.