XJTU researchers’ progress in DNA methylation in complex disease

2018-12-10  []




Recent studies have found that non-coding regulatory loci are enriched in disease associated genetic loci (e.g. methylation quantitative trait loci, meQTL), demonstrating the functional relevance of gene expression with disease development. The research result was published online in Neuroscience& Biobehavioral Reviews (5-year IF:10.01), under the title A large-scale integrative analysis of GWAS and common meQTLs across whole life course identifies genes, pathways andtissue/cell types for three major psychiatric disorders. XJTU masterdegree candidate Zhao Yan from the School of Public Health is the first author, and Professor Zhang Feng is the only corresponding author. The Institute of Endemic Disease of School of Public Health is the institutional affiliation of the first author and the corresponding author.